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How on earth do you sum yourself up in a paragraph for an 'About Me' page? I have no clue. But I like simple dot-points. So let’s stick with that.

-My name is Caitie.

-I am 20 years old and live in Sydney, Australia.

-I am currently a Uni Student (as of February 2015).

-I basically created this blog as an outlet. Something I can get creative for, spend time on, develop skills with, and look back on.

-I hope to write posts about my life in general. Where I go, what I wear, what I buy, what I do, and things I want to share in general.

-I have always loved reading blogs, and after about 4 years of reading blogpost upon blogpost and wishing I could join the fun, I decided to bite the bullet and do just that! I have always loved writing and documenting my life, so I figured a blog would be great for me. 

-When I was younger I used to beg Mum to let me get an 'Online Diary' but she always said no (internet safety and all that jazz), so I had to resort to creating word documents, with survivor-style diary entries.Yep. I was that kid. I had decided to password encrypt all the documents so I can only access a few of them, but whatever I find, is positively cringe worthy. I figured a blog would be a step up from that…and hopefully not as embarrassing to look back on!

If anyone has any questions at all, or even just wants a chat, send me an email:

For a little more insight into my life, see my very first blog post: 20 Facts About Me
2 comments on "About Me"
  1. G'day! Seams like we have a lot in common! :-)

  2. Hi there! That's good to hear :)

    Caitie x